Rescuebet Voted The Best Gaming Platform By High Roller With Their Multiple Sportsbooks

Rescuebet is voted the best gaming platform by high rollers, some of the biggest bettors, spenders, and earners of the betting industry. One of the biggest factors high roller punters voted for Rescuebet is that it features multiple high-quality and verified sportsbooks across Asia and the globe. One of the main features of betting with a sportsbook using Rescubet is that high rollers gain limited restrictions on high betting limits.  

Features Of Rescuebet Sportsbooks

Punters gain access to several key features on Rescuebet, such as access to multiple sportsbooks and multiple betting options, access to industry-leading odds, encrypted payment systems, and access to curated betting content promotions. Some of the critical features of Rescuebet that helped the platform get voted as the best gaming platform by high rollers include:

1. Top Asian Sportsbooks

Punters have access to some of Asia’s top sportsbooks on Rescuebet. The Rescuebet platform features sports bookies such as IMSports, M8Bet, Maxbet, United Gaming, SBOBet, Pinnacle Sports and CMD368. A punter can choose to sign up with one sportsbook or multiple sportsbooks on Rescuebet at once to get the advantages of multiple odds and numerous betting options at a single interface. All a punter needs to do is register with Rescuebet and add funds to the desired sportsbook gaming wallet. All the sportsbooks listed on Rescuebet are registered and licensed to operate in Asia and Europe. 

2. Multiple Sports Betting Options

Rescuebet gives its punters access to multiple sports betting options, with each sportsbook featuring several events every day. On average, a punter has access to several tens of thousands of betting events every week with each sportsbook. A punter has several betting markets to choose from, with each sportsbook providing odds on each sporting event. For instance, Asian punters prefer making bets in certain types of betting markets, such as Asian handicaps or regional betting events familiar to them. On a single platform, punters can choose a preferred match to bet on and gain access to several in-play and pre-match betting options with multiple betting markets. 

3. Multiple And Secure Payments

Punters prefer to make a wager in a currency they already hold and make a payment through an existing payment method (compared to setting up a new one). Most bookmakers give punters very limited options in terms of acceptance of payments and withdrawals. Punters who choose to bet using Rescuebet are authorized to make payments and withdraw funds in several currencies and preferred transfer methods. A punter living in Asia can use USD or MYR to deposit funds through Standard Chartered, or a punter can choose to make a bet by depositing and withdrawing bitcoin. All payments made on the platform are secure and encrypted, making Rescuebet a trusted betting partner for punters across the globe. 

4. Betting Contents

Punters have access to informative betting content, the latest betting news, betting strategies videos, podcasts, up-to-date betting blogs, and more with Rescuebet. While the internet is proliferated with information, not all information found here is useful. As punters look to get into betting, they also seek a trusted source of betting information, sports betting strategies, betting tips, statistics, and news to make wagers, scope out opportunities, and spot mispriced bets. Punters voted for Rescuebet because of the valuable betting information provided to punters promptly. 

5. Limited Restrictions On High Bet Limits

One of the main features of Rescuebet is punters have very limited restrictions in terms of high bet limits, meaning a punter can wager a much higher amount on a particular wager with Rescuebet compared to most other betting platforms with high bet limit restrictions in place. A higher betting limit is one of the critical features high rollers look for when selecting a betting partner to make a wager because a high roller has a much higher betting or wagering power, and in some cases, the punter may want to exercise that power. 

6. Curated Promotions 

While punters may not seek promotions as a key feature when making a bet, it can sometimes be a differentiating factor between choosing between different betting services. Rescuebet gives members curated promotions, bonuses, and rebates that help a punter win more (or lose less) than originally anticipated. New members can sign up with a one-time sign-up bonus and get a 100% bonus of the amount deposited. Or punters on a losing week can claim rebates on losses of up to 15% to be used in future wagers. Curated promotions become an even more important component when a punter spends a high amount when making wagers.

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